The Boutique Natali Ruden is designed to provide comfort at the highest level for customers choosing their outfits as well as for creating individual orders for women and men. Complete collections Natali Ruden are usually introduced twice a year. However, the offer in the boutique is continuously supplemented and our clients can always choose from new outfits. As the part of the boutique is a service ´studio where the customers interested in individual orders can arrange a meeting with the designer. In privacy, which is provided by the studio, our client can choose a design corresponding with their requirements. The brand NR offers a complete line of tailor-made outfits including accessories such as belts, glasses, hats, gloves, etc.


Don´t ready-made sizes fit you? Would you like anything original? Designer dresses are sewn according to your wishes and ideas? The service ´Outfit tailored for you´ is your best option. Every year Natali Ruden attends the Premiére Vision trade fair in Paris where she can choose the materials of the highest quality and from the most exclusive materials for the coming season. The Premiére Vision is a fashion trade fair where the most prestigious companies, who offer materials such as silk, satin, brocade and cashmere, are present. Therefore, we focus on the most noble materials for you to choose from.

1st step
Personal consultation with the designer. A client´s ideas, the occasion, which material the client prefers.
2nd step
Approval of the design and the chosen fabric.
3rd step
Fitting the outfit with the designer.
4th step
Last adjustments.
5th step
Handing over the ready tailored-made outfit.


Whether it is a silk summer shawl which is an excellent accessory. Or a cashmere shawl that makes you warm during colder months. You can choose from the noblest materials. We will advise you which shawl size and colour suit you most.
A tailored shawl is a great tip for a present.

1st step
Personal consultation with the head of the studio, choosing a fabric and a size.

2nd step
Handing over the shawl with a personal dedication from the designer Natali Ruden. A gift pack.


The boutique premises are ideal for your perfect day. All day you will be pampered by the Natali Ruden team who will help you find your new SELF. With our team, you will discover what style suits you most.

1st step
Welcome drink and meeting the designer, Natali Ruden
2nd step
Our team of makeup artists will look after your new image, including make up and hair styling.
3rd step
Choosing outfits for a photo shoot.
4th step
Overall photo shoot.
5th step
5 adjusted photos based on your choice.


The Natali Ruden fashion shows have gradually become a phenomenon in the Czech fashion industry and they are the most sought-after and the most watched prestigious events. Our experience in the field of social events is very rich as we have been on the market for 20 years. The production of fashion shows is looked after by Natali herself with her team of professionals.

1st step
The summary of your requirements and ideas are written down in detail for further steps.
2nd step
We will design and introduce you our complete plan for your prestigious turn-key event.
3rd step
Event realization.


The Natali Ruden boutique premises are ideal for meeting with your business contacts.

• Welcome drink
• Finger buffet
• Wine tasting
• Fashion show
• The presence of the designer Natali Ruden
• 25 % discount on all outfits by Natali Ruden

Note: Price quotation based on the agreement.


Doesn´t your outfit meet your ideas? Would you like to have your dress, blouse, suit adjusted by fashion trends? Do you need to widen or narrow your outfit? Our services are always available for you.

1st step
Consultation with the designer regarding the outfit, what is necessary to adjust, eventually what is necessary to substitute.
2nd step
Outfit fitting, final adjustments.
3rd step
Handing over the adjusted outfit to the client.


The NATALI RUDEN fashion shows have gradually become a phenomenon in the Czech fashion industry and they are the most sought-after and the most watched medium – TV (ČT, Nova, Prima, Fashion TV and Barrandov TV), magazines (daily newspapers, fashion magazines, and tabloids) and internet medium (,,,,
The event is attended by more than 800 guests from successful business circles, politics and show business.
The premises are chosen to provide suitable conditions for introducing the partners of the event. I can assure you that we pay maximum attention to creating the right conditions for the presentation of the partners and the opportunity to meet potential clients. We address and cooperate mainly with the companies which specialize in similar clientele or have similar business interests. At the same time we strictly make sure that the Partners of the event are not in with competition with each other. That structure enables maximum exploitation of the event for a promotion of individual companies and winning new customers and therefore also return on expended means.


The Natali Ruden boutique premises are an ideal place for a presentation of accessories. It is located in the very heart of Prague – Dlouhá Street 3.


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