Date: 25th Semptember 2018, 07:00 pm
Place: Forum Karlín

The Natali Ruden show was held in Asian spirit, just like the entire Asia Collection. Therefore Ambassadors of Asian countries were also present, seated in the front rows.

Libor Bouček was the presenter of the evening, accompanied by Natali Ruden’s son, Filip Haltmar. In her creations,
Natali Ruden was inspired by the Asian grandeur that she tried to project into her designs. Her Asia Collection is full of sharp lines, Asian culture and the origami folding method that inspired her to cut her designs.

The Collection includes the Haute Couture technique, with clothing decorated in hand-embroidered Sakura and Orchid fl owers.
The goal of Natali Ruden, designer and businesswoman with an artistic sense and heart, is to create fashion that refl ects the personality of its wearer.